In 1998 Sarah and Steve Clark purchased Meyricks Mill, a beautiful former flour mill that is over 500 years old, in Penclawdd. Sarah began a successful complementary therapy and education centre from home. In the early part of 2002 Steve, aged 42, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer…
Old Mill Foundation in PenclawddSarah naturally wanted to help Steve as much as possible and although medical intervention was unable to cure Steve, he and Sarah found that holistic therapies such as massage, reflexology and reiki helped to relieve some of his symptoms. Sarah found that it was very helpful to be able to support him during the last few months of his life, as she found that being a carer for someone who is dying was an isolating experience because even though there was other family around, no-one can know what it is like unless they’ve been through the experience themselves. Steve sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2002.During the next few months, Sarah came to realise she was in a good position to help others going through similar situations with this cruel disease. Not only could holistic therapies bring relief to peoples symptoms, they also gave the opportunity for people to have a caring, one to one contact which is so important in getting through tough times. Sarah was also acutely aware that the carers were also suffering greatly as it is one of the worst things in the world to watch a loved one suffer. So she felt it was important to help them too. Sarah felt  that her and Steve’s experience could be invaluable in helping others. She also knew that the journey didn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There were still good days and happy events for people to share together during this time. Sarah also knew that not everybody with cancer would die. Plenty of people actually get better, but would love to have some help along the way.

Steve’s mother, Valerie, said that one day Sarah came round and said “I’d like to set up a charity to hep people with cancer from my house”. She and her husband, Colin, thought it was a good idea and so The Old Mill Foundation was born.

Sarah had two treatment rooms she had been using for her business which she now used for the charity. She started to go round to talk to various services in the NHS and local groups spreading the word of what she was doing. People started to come along and experience the special blend of care, physical and emotional support , and laughter that the Old Mill has become known for.

The Old Mill Foundation’s Growth

Slowly, the charity became busier and it expanded into Sarah’s sitting room as waiting room, her spare room as an office, her conservatory as a counselling room and eventually she converted her garage into a reception area. Throwing open your house to help others is not something just anyone could do! That is Sarah’s special generosity for which she was awarded a “Local Hero” award in 2014.

Today, The Old Mill Foundation helps an average of 70 people per month, receives referrals from local hospitals and GPs and is still growing. They still use Sarah’s house to run the centre from and  now take their service out (as an “Outreach project”) to Llandybie near Ammanford one day a week to help people who are finding travelling to Swansea when they are feeling ill a bit too much to cope with. And have more plans too. Sarah said “We would like to open another Outreach project and expand the range of therapies we offer and also help give people more support living long term with the problems cancer can leave you with”.

How You Can Help

Every penny we receive goes directly towards providing this service. Every day we provide a warm, clean environment for people to receive therapies. Every massage oil, tea bag and clean towel comes at a price. That’s why any donations are vital to fund us to help people with cancer.

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We value every donation no matter how small. Every penny makes a difference to those on a cancer journey.

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A legacy to The Old Mill Foundation is a promise to ensure we can continue to relieve the distress of cancer for years to come. A promise that will see us provide supportive holistic therapies and helpful information with the hope of improving peoples wellbeing whatever their diagnosis.

Every gift in every will, however large or small, makes a difference.