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The New Newsletter March 2023


Welcome to the new newsletter. They will be monthly with up-to-date news, offers, workshops, product of the month and recipes.

If there is anything you would like to see featured, please do let us know.

As you can see, 2023 has been a very busy year for us so far and there is certainly more to come. All will be revealed in this newsletter.

Hoping you are keeping warm and well during this cold spell?

Sending light

Vickie and all at the Old Mill Foundation

New Health Shop

Our new not for profit health shop in Port Talbot has opened. It stocks vitamins and supplements, eco-friendly household products, food, organic skin care as well as probiotics with 3 different strains of good bacteria.

Products stocked are suitable for everyone. The shop will also act as an information centre for The Old Mill Foundation for anyone wanting information after a cancer diagnosis.

The shop is run by our lovely new manager, Michelle Lewis. Michelle has lots of experience of working in health shops and will be able to help advise on any products.

Please keep checking for new lines which will be added soon. We will soon be offering online ordering and subscriptions which can be collected or posted to you directly.

If there is anything you would like stocked, please do let us know.

The shop can be found at the New Plaza, 14 Talbot Road, Port Talbot and is currently open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm.

Contact the shop: Email or call 07596 116129

New Chair

After our chairman of 20 Years; Colin Tarry, passed away earlier this year.

The trustees have appointed a new chair, please welcome Joan Jeyes.

Joan has been a volunteer and trustee for many years and her face maybe familiar to you all.

We wish Joan all the very best in her new role.

Online Zoom Workshops

We offer 2 weekly online sessions to support all who are unable to leave home.

These sessions are:

Mondays 11am- Chi Gong Energy Workout

Thursday 3pm- Meditation

Chigong is a light relaxing stretching movements which is designed to keep the body supple and the bodies energy moving.

Meditation helps us to calm and quieten the mind which gives us a sense of calm and peace.

Contact to get the zoom details.

Still recovering from winter cough,coulds, infections?

Having a healthy gut can protect us from most things. Good bacteria helps build up our immune system which is our first line of defence.

If we are stressed, run down, taking antibiotics, eat junk food or processed food and generally not looking after ourselves due to busy lives, this will damage and inhibits good bacteria growth and allows bad bacteria to take hold and creates illness.

We can improve our good bacteria but will take about 20 weeks of continuous maintenance to take effect.

1- Take a probiotic- It needs to have more than 1 strain.

2- Eat Prebiotic foods- this will feed your probiotics and make them grow. 3-Cut the junk and processed food- this will allow bad bacteria to grow.

4- Exercise- promotes good bacteria in the gut.

5- Stress busting- Mindfulness and other stress busting ways will help daily stress.

Don’t want to take any tablets? Probiotic foods- Sauerkraut, Miso soup, Kefir, Kombucha, Sourdough bread, Apple Cider vinegar, kimchi. Prebiotic Foods- Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, flaxseeds, garlic, olives, green tea, cacao, barley.

Text- Heal your gut, heal your body, Chris Woollams ASIN ‏ : ‎ 0993452507


Our health shop stocks BioCare BioAcidophilus. It contains 3 different strains of live bacteria with 20billion per daily intake. It works with your own system and suitable for when taking antibiotics.

Unlike some probiotics. It contains no unnecessary additives, sugars and is dairy free so suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Our cost £25.50.

Online £27.49

Save money and support our charity by buying through us.

Contact the shop: Email or call 07596 116129

New Location for Port Talbot Centre

From Thursday 6th April 2023 the Port Talbot Centre will be based at The Plaza, Port Talbot.

It is a brand new facility with a gym, cafe, fitness studio, theatre and much more.

We are looking forward to working with the team at the YMCA Plaza to bring more opportunities for all our clients as well as using the facilities for demonstrations, workshops and much more.

For more information, contact Caroline at or call 01792 851553.

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