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Relaxing Massage Therapy


Our aim is to provide emotional and physical support. We achieve this by taking a holistic approach to help promote health and well-being. One of the ways we do this is through touch therapy. This includes reflexology, massage, reiki, crytals, hot stone therapy, bio-aura clearance and Indian head massage. All provided by qualified volunteers who are trained in holistic cancer care. Each therapy works well alongside conventional treatment, providing relief from side effects, boosting the immune system, relaxing the body and mind.



Gentle Massage, Maintaining Bodies Natural Balance

By applying gentle pressure to specific points on the feet it aids the body in healing itself naturally. We find this particularly supportive for people having chemo- or radiotherapy and generally to help maintain the body’s natural balance. You don’t need to undress for this.

Image by Toa Heftiba


Ease Tension And Soothe Sore Muscles

Massage is deeply relaxing especially when using plant essential oils. It is particularly good for soothing sore, tense muscles, especially where people have been holding themselves awkwardly after surgery, or just from stress. It can also be beneficial to experience a soothing touch after your body has been through invasive medical treatments.

Homeopathic Bottles


Remedies Supporting Mind & Body

Well selected homeopathic remedies assist the body wisdom of the individual in focusing on the root cause of the disease pattern. Remedies help support mind and body during treatment as well as promote healing. They are great for keeping side effects at bay, boosting the immune system, lowering pain levels and for emotional support.

Image by Dan Farrell


Relaxing and soothing treatment

Everything is made of atoms which vibrate and Crystal therapy uses the
vibrations of the crystals to help bring a balance to the client on all levels,
mind, body and spirit.
The client lies down fully clothed, and crystals carefully chosen for their
particular properties placed on and around the client. In Advanced Crystal
Therapy, both sounds and oils are used over the stones to enhance their
vibrations and bring about a better balance to the client.
It is a very relaxing treatment.



Someone To Listen To You

Why do people have counselling? There are many times in our lives when we all really feel we need someone to listen to us. This is basically what counselling is – someone to listen to you.



Working at a Deep Subconscious Level

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation, enabling the therapist to work on a deep subconscious level. The therapy can be used to treat many problems such as; pain control, insomnia, hair loss, phobias, smoking cessation, weight loss, relaxation, stress relief and much more

Fruits and Nuts


Support Your Body In Its Fight Against cancer

A healthy diet can give you powerful protective properties against illness. It will also give you vital nutrients which support your body’s immune system and repair functions, both of which can become weakened when you have undergone cancer treatments. There is strong evidence that there are foods to avoid and foods to include that will help in the fight against cancer.

Energy Healing


Universal Energy

Using the universal energy to soothe, calm and energise the body.

Meditate at the beach


Taking Time Out for Body & Mind

This is a great way of having time out. It’s a place where the mind and body can switch off, slow down and have time to process the present and past. As well as enjoying the journey whilst at The Old Mill, the therapist can provide techniques to use at home.



Reduce Swelling, Boost Immune Function, Relax

MLD works on the lymphatic system, bringing about a balance and boosting immune function. It may help with pain reduction, reduce swellings, acts as a decongestive, is calming and relaxing. MLD may also lower blood pressure, relieve post-surgical and trauma demands, work with rheumatic disease, muscular sclerosis, acne and scars. It is vital in the management of lymphedema. This is where lymph nodes have been removed, damaged or are missing. The body can no longer remove the lymphatic fluid from that particular area and it has to be done with massage, stockings and bandaging. This is an ongoing treatment and one where we teach you to self-treat in between visits.



Manicures, Pedicures, Pampering For Damaged Nails

We provide specialist care for nails damaged by chemotherapy, using products free from chemicals. Monthly manicures and pedicures, using nutritious oils can promote new healthy growth. Nails not damaged? You can still can along for a bit of pampering.

Scarred Leg


Improving scarring and scar tissue

We provide specialist therapy for scarring and scar tissue that may cause restriction, movement as well as physcial apperance.

These are our core therapies available in all centres. Some centres may offer additional therapies. Please contact us for more details on 01792 851553 or email us.

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